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Keyona and Joy, owner/operators of K&J Seafood, have been best friends for 20+ years and decided to take their friendship one step further and go into business together.  

Keyona spent most of her 20s living in the south and during this time developed a love for seafood boils. She quickly noticed there was no place to get this type of food back home. Joy, through her love for cooking and many visits to the south with Keyona, mastered a recipe for the perfect “crab boil”. 

Once Keyona returned home to Cincinnati they thought after hosting seafood boils for fun for friends and family “what if we turned this into a business?” Both continued their careers in corporate America while starting K&J “Seafood Sundays” on the weekends. Needless to say, they were a HIT! Each week they introduced a new Louisiana or K&J inspired dish that customers loved more than the last. 

Within a few months, they knew this was “Gods Plan” and began making plans for a Brick and Mortar location. Both left their full-time jobs and with much blood, sweat, and tears K&J Seafood was born. 

Stay tuned for much more to come!